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French pattern forging hammer

cross piens, rounding hammers and french forging hammer

2 lb. camp axe

New pullmax Z31 rolls

Champion style cross-pien

1 to 3" tongs

Heller style Cross-peen

Big mouth tongs

Rounding farrier hammers

Custom rivet sets

Raku tongs

Demo Bar

Classic pickup tongs

Custpm power hammer dies

Reefing Irons

Hand Forged Scissors

Box Jaw

Plier Style

Monogrammed toasting forks

Railroad pattern pickups

Raku Tongs

Rounding hammers

Deep Throat Shackle

Tong Tool

Micro-pickup tongs

3/8 rivet tongs

Scrolling tongs

Box Jaw

Industrial protractor

Large jaw tongs our specialty

3.3 lb

2 to 4 lbs

Face Hardening

3/4 and 7/8" Rivet tooling

In process

Rough forged 2 lbr.

2 1/4 lb

Raku tongs from jackhammer bits

6 foot pry bar in 5160 spring steel

Custom Hammers

Rounding hammers in process

Forged deep throat shackle

Custom rivet sets

Rounding Hammers

Light machining and prototyping

Raku tongs in process

3.5 lb rounding hammer

1.9 lb rounding hammer

4 lb rounding hammer

Custom rivet sets

Pickup tongs inspired by an old railroad pattern.

Rivet tongs in all sizes

Industrial grade protractor. Ideal for ironworkers, timberframers and stair builders

Custom forged rounding hammers

Double pickups

Rounding hammers in process

Classic Poz tongs

Custom power hammer dies made to order: Beaudry, Nazel, Chambersburg, Anyang, Wolf, Kuhn, Little Giant, Fairbanks

extra large box jaw tongs made to order

Hand forged scissors, pruning snips and herb shears

The most delicate pickup tongs you've ever held.

Wolf jaw grip of death!

Flat jaw plier style

Custom text on poker handles

Extra large jaw tongs our specialty

Scrolling tongs


Checking the fit

Full set

Double pickup tongs based on a 100 year old pattern

Raku tongs- this pair was 4 feet in length

3/8 to 7/8


classic lines


Open jaw for maximum handling ability


Plier, sheet metal, rivet and pickup tongs

Reefing or Caulking Iron used for wooden boat maintenance

Custom tongs as large as you need them

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