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Historic Bridge Rehabilitation /

bolted up, ready to rivet

32' long member for the Cut River Bridge, MI

Center Strut

New riveted steel construction utilizing the hydraulic press

sway brace cross sectional mock up

hot riveting

Center strut

Diagonal sway bracing

Pneumatic Riveting

7/8" diameter for the Cut River Bridge, MI

Box strut replication

Test cells for the Army Corps ~4000 lbs

original 75' span ca.1912

typical corrosion

corroded end post

Pneumatic riveting in Western Australia

Better than new

Custom 1" pan head rivets

Installation complete

Candidate for rehabilitation: Lullwater, Georgia

Ultrasonic testing

Longfellow bridge rehabilitation components

New bottom chord and pan heads

Custom Button and Steeple head rivets

Tower refurbishment

Railroad truss mockup

Pneumatic bucking and riveting

Ballard Forge can make custom rivets for your rehabilitation project

ready for action

Tools of the trade

Longfellow bridge rehabilitation, Boston Mass.

hydraulic riveting

In honor of the original Bollman truss at this site: Cable bridge erection with Sahale, LLC, Ellicott City, Maryland

Cable bridge erection, Ellicott City, Maryland

Hydraulic riveting presses for Longfellow bridge rehabilitation, Cambridge Massachusetts.

Riveted diaphragm

Rivet School at Atlantic Bridge and Engineering

Custom rivet tooling and bushings

Hydraulic riveting

New riveted jump platform for Young's High Bridge in KY. Photo courtesy of Vertigo Bungee

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