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Collected praise for Ballard Forge

"Came out as advertised Steve, so I don't know how you could've improved on the effort. Meeting clients expectations has to be over half the value you need to focus on in your line of work and you were spot on.... I'm sure we will love the table for years to come." Mark, Olive Branch MS


"Hand's down, the coolest single set of stairs I've ever seen"  Doug Payne, Mercer Builders 

"Ballard Forge was very adaptable and spent a lot of investment on the front end of the project with mock-ups and questions. When it came time for execution this saved valuable time and headache knowing Ballard Forge anticipated the large challenges."

Tanner Wild  Project Manager – Bridge Division  LeJeune Steel Company Mnpls, MN

"Hi Steve, I just have to say I'm very impressed with the outcome and I think your work is beautiful"  Katherine Anderson, Seattle Golf Club

"My science teacher gave us your YouTube channel to watch as homework, lol"  Obey forever clan via YouTube

"I just stumbled across your website looking at various metalcraft ideas and I had to take a moment to say-  Your work is spot on in so many ways.  Everything has just the right touch.  So nice & excellent flavor.

Thanks for the inspiration. "     Ryan Maxwell    KOOIMA COMPANY  Rock Valley IA 


"Thanks, Steve! We absolutely love the look of our new stairs." Lisa Whittle, The Boeing Co.  Everett, Washington


"We get compliments all the time- 'Where did you get that railing?'" Peter Argeres, Yates Wood Commercial Real Estate, Seattle Washington

"I’ve been studying your work, videos and photos anywhere I can find them..." George Karellas, Ireland


"Steve, your work is beautiful~" Randy Torode, Vienna, VA

"Excellent customer service, Steve  Thanks!"  Dan Johlman, Wyoming Welding and Machine


"I absolutely LOVE your commercial work... truly awesome!"  Stuart Haas, Glendale, Arizona


"They are the perfect Raku tongs!" Susan Gunderson, Whidbey Island, WA

"Steve, I really enjoyed working with you on this project (Pike Brewery remodel) We couldn't have done it without you".  Mike Zuber Gauge Design Group, Seattle WA


" I just saw your site and was absolutely enthralled with the riveting work" Roland, Ottowa, Canada


"Thank you so much for the time you spent helping me on my senior project. You helped me create two beautiful flowers for my girlfriend that she absolutely loved. I appreciate you volunteering your time and effort and hope you had as much fun as I did." Jakob Palludan, Redmond, WA


"I know of no finer bottle opener produced in the civilized world. Of course, it has always been a treat to open a cold, refreshing beer yet now I find myself looking forward to the very process of de-capping that brew! Well done!" Blake Buckner Seattle

"Steve at Ballard Forge is Awesome- everything we have purchased has been top notch" Peter Bretzke, Chicago, Ill.


"Your passion (and if it's obsession, I understand) to this art is apparent and it's also just nice to know that rivets are still alive. Thanks for the treat." Ramsey Dabby AIA, NYC


"Everything turned out great - Exactly the look we wanted and the detail work better than I could have imagined - it will be a centerpiece of the entire home." Dr. Renay Fredette, Bellingham Washington


"I was really impressed with your other pieces as well and your work is excellent. Hard to find quality iron work like that anymore. Thanks so much. Roy Derouin, Derouin Properties, Seattle Washington


"I really appreciate the commitment you're making to the quality of this project--you really seem to "get it" as far as what is appropriate. All the best," Daniel Allen Butler Author and Historian, Los Angeles, CA.


"...and most of all, many thanks for your dedication to your craft. You make the world more beautiful." Eddie Uehara, Dean of Social Work, University of Washington


"Hi Steve I am Kai’s mom and I just wanted to say hello and a big huge Thank you for being willing to take on such a bold move with Kai. I realize with him being 15, it is usually a strong enough liability that most people do not want to take a chance on allowing a minor to work in a shop such as yours. I can’t express enough though at this point what a difference you have made in Kai’s life. Today he is presenting something tangible at his exhibition for the first time. Thank you once again for all of your confidence you are instilling in him!"

Suzette Eby / Case Manager Bethesda Lutheran Communities


"Wow! I love these hand forged scissors. Thanks Steve and BallardForge. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone."  Jen Mouton, Los Angeles, CA


"Arrived faster than anticipated, it works like a charm, and it looks really cool. What more could you want? I'd definitely purchase from this individual again. "  'Cubbo'  Salt Lake City, Utah


"AMAZING WORK!  Everything I was expecting and then ten fold. Thank you very much Sir~!"  Gerson Ayala, Miami FL


"Hi Steve, Greetings from Berlin-  arrived today your package.
 Thanks for your work, it is just as I had imagined. Great job, thank you very much"  Andre Diedrech, Berlin Germany


"For the Longfellow Bridge Project, ABE was subcontracted to erect structural steel in addition to refurbishing approx 600 historically relevant columns.  The restoration of these columns included utilizing hot riveting techniques. Prior to speaking with Steve the thought of performing hot riveting was intimidating. With Steve's expertise he helped us overcome our fear of riveting.  Steve played a major role in educating our company on the necessary equipment and techniques required for the craft."

Paul Ladadakos    Director of Operations  Atlantic Bridge and Engineering, Candia NH


"Thanks for all your help on the Bellevue Botanical Garden suspension bridge, Steve.  We could not have done it without you."
Martin Walz III  Principal,  Seattle Bridge Builders

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